See Who Trusts Mister Sparky

  • “They were prompt and professional and did what I wanted. They were very pleasant to deal with and reasonable also.”

    Ranne G.
  • Electrical
    • "They were prompt and professional and did what I wanted. They were very pleasant to deal with and reasonable also."

      Ranne G.
    • "They were clean, neat, and they arrived on time."Phyllis F.
    • "When he first came in, he was polite. Also, he gave us a quote that was less than other ones we got."

      Estella D.
    • "They were on time, and their work was good. They didn't have to redo any work. Everything was done right the first time. They were neat, and they cleaned up after themselves. They showed up early a couple of times. They were polite. The guys did an excellent job."Bill W.
    • "They were very responsive. Right after they came out, I had a problem with an appliance. Although the problem was not electrical, they came out to double check, just to reassure me."Gail N.
  • Electrical Panels
    • "I'd never hire any other electrician!"

      Lisa O.
    • "They came through when I really needed them. They came out the same day I called them and completed the job. They did everything they were supposed to do."John S.
  • Emergency Services
    • "Their professionalism, they were on time, and they performed the work in a timely fashion. They were clean and polite. We did not feel that they were overpriced. The money we spent was worth it. They were above and beyond all of our standards."John B.
    • "Their prices are always right. I like their commitment to good customer service. They follow up, and they are prompt. If they're going to be late, they will call to let you know. I think they are great."

      Rainey M.
    • "They came in and did the work when they said they would do it. We haven't had a problem since."Ericka L.
  • House Rewiring
    • "They did everything they said they would do when they said they would do it and for the price they quoted us. They were prompt and professional. They exceeded my expectations."Jeff B.
    • "I thought they were prompt, thorough, and very neat. They changed the wiring in my house. They did a great job. I hope I don't need to call them again, but I would definitely use them again if I needed to."Mark F.
  • Lighting Installations
    • "They explained everything really well. Whatever they installed works very well. They came when they were supposed to come, so there was no waiting. They were here on the dot. I am happy with the work."Cynthia S.
  • Professional Electrician
    • "They explained everything upfront and there were no surprises. That was very important to me and my husband. They covered their boots before they came into our house. We liked their cleanliness and they did a very good job."

      Bob M. - Mister Sparky Customer
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