At Mister Sparky, we specialize in home lighting installation and repair. We’ll assist you with aesthetic and practical options to better light your home.

Interior Lighting

The lights inside your home are vital to its interior design. Lights can instantly make a house feel like a home. Because lighting uses a majority of your home’s energy, proper installation of your lighting setup will conserve natural resources and money.

Exterior Lighting

The lights outside your home can be decorative and are ideal for outdoor security. Keeping your home well lit during the night hours will keep potential intruders away. Use outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways, plants, and trees.

When looking to have outdoor security lights installed around your home, consider the lights’ brightness and responsiveness. The greater illuminated a fixture is, the better job it will do. Another thing to consider when choosing outdoor security lights are motion sensors. Motion sensors will provide comfort and safety after bedtime.

At Mister Sparky, we offer lighting solutions not limited to flood light, post lights, task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting to fill the gaps between task and accent lighting.

We’ll work beside you to help create the ideal lighting setup for you home. All the lighting systems we offer are easily maintained and can be fully automated.

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