Recessed Lighting San Francisco

Whether remodeling your entire home or adding a brighter light to a room, there’s no better lighting choice than recessed lighting for your San Francisco property. Recessed lights are light fixtures that are installed into a ceiling’s empty opening. LED recessed lights are lights emitted from a computer chip. LEDs are available as screw-in modules or as replacement bulbs, while both recessed and LED recessed lights are easily integrated and gracefully light up any room. Add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, light the way to the bathroom, highlight features of your office’s interior, and save energy with recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting will save a significant amount of energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an estimated 62% of energy could be reduced with the widespread use of recessed lighting and LEDs. LEDs alone save approximately 85% of the electricity processed by incandescent light bulbs. They also save up to 30% of electricity used by fluorescent tube lighting. Save energy by installing LED recessed lighting in your San Francisco home or office today!

The Mister Sparky Recessed Lighting Process

During the installation, Mister Sparky Recessed Lighting San Francisco technicians will

  • Help you design a luxe recessed lighting system that suits your style,
  • Understand the installation and voltage installation requirements,
  • Discover the recessed lighting fixture’s dimensions,
  • Check for any obstructions in your ceiling,
  • Cut holes in the ceiling and install the fixture’s wiring,
  • Install the recessed lights,
  • And power up!

If you live in San Francisco, we’re the number one local solution for your needs. Our experienced team of electricians can install recessed of LED recessed lighting in your San Francisco home or office.

We’re Diamond & BBB Certified

Since 2005, Mister Sparky Recessed Lighting San Francisco has withheld the Diamond Certification qualifications. Our Diamond Certification displays our outstanding customer satisfaction reviews and high customer loyalty rating. We pride our team and their integrity. We deliver everything with transparency to meet your satisfaction. In addition, since 2004, Mister Sparky San Francisco has been BBB certified by the Better Business Bureau as a BBB Accredited Business. Our BBB certification highlights our determination to meet any and all of our customers’ needs.

Why Choose Mister Sparky San Francisco?

At Mister Sparky Recessed Lighting San Francisco, our goal is to bring functionality and safety to your home or business. We promise straightforward prices and your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay! It’s as simple as that. In addition, our motto is: “We’ll be on time, you’ll see, or the repair is free!” That’s the Mister Sparky promise. If we’re not timely to your appointment, your repair or installation is on us. We strive to reinvent the electrical service industry by treating our customers like stars.

Enjoy brighter lights today! Trust Mister Sparky Recessed Lighting San Francisco with your recessed or LED recessed lighting installation needs.

We also offer recessed lighting services in Oakland, San Jose, Redwood City, Concord, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and San Mateo.

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